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Part # PS 4407

Assembly takes about 20 minutes.

Tools needed for assembly:

Ratchet, 7/16 socket.

Small hammer.

Phillips screw driver.


  • SURE GRIP DOLLIES feature 5" durable rubber wheels, with bronze graphite bearings.
  • Nylon coated steel safety cables, and a sturdy swivel track dolly.
  • Solid steel construction, made in the USA

How to install the dollies on your sled

  • ​Slip the cable end of the dollie over the front of the ski tip as shown in picture # 1.
  • Tip up ski and slide the dolly back until the dolly is secured in center of the ski as shown in picture # 2.
  • Secure the the EZ-off cable so the dolly will not slide off the ski during loading.
  • You are ready for loading or moving the sled around.
  • Note: Maximum "do not exceed speed" while using the dollies is 5 MPH.

Storage Mode

  • Note: Movement around the shop is a breeze with both the front dollies, and the rear dollie in place.
  • Front dollies installed in pictures # 1 & # 2 above.
  • Rear track dollie installed in pictures # 3 & # 4 above.
  • Note: Don't start up your sled with the track dollie in place!

Loading On Your Trailer

  • These dollies work effortlessly to allow you to load on almost all trailers, as seen in the pictures above.
  • Even though there is an extreme loading angle (as seen in pics 1,2, & 3)you are able to load and unload without getting hung up.
  • You can also leave your dollies on for transport (as seen in pic # 4), just remember to install your tie down straps.

Grass Riding

  • You can ride your sled over grass with ease with the dollies installed as seen in the pics above.
  • Dollies stay secure while riding on hard pack surfaces, & grass.
  • Note: I wouldn't suggest using your sled for riding trails with out snow even though you can drive ok with the dollies installed. Your track & sliders need the snow for cooling and lubrication.

My Impressions:


Solid steel construction made in the USA.

Comes with 2 ski dollies and a rear track dolly, which will allow you 360 degrees steerable manuervbility in the shop with the use of the track dolly, or able to run your sled outdoors without snow while using just the front ski dollies.

Designed for indoor use.

SURE GRIP dollies accommodate all skis.

Comes with 5" durable rubber wheels with bronze graphite bearings.

Nylon coated steel safety cables.

Sturdy, unique swivel track dolly fits snugly to the rear track, allowing you to move your sled in the shop without fear of the rear dolly coming loose.

True all-season, versatile durable product.


None yet. Long term testing will give us that answer.

Bottom Line:

When I decided to use my atv hauler for hauling the sleds I quickly found out that I could not easily load my sled on a trailer that was designed to haul atvs. When I tried to load my sled the ski skegs got hung up on my ramp and trailer bed. They also took some serious chunks out of my nice looking aluminum ramps, and also my cement shop floor.

I knew that there had to be a way of configuring the sled so we could load the sleds easy. I did not want to add bed & ramp protectors unless absolutely necessary. There are several ways of getting your sled to be able to load easier without harming your sled & trailer.

You can either use dollies or sled Ski-Slips to enable better loading without hanging up on your skegs. The ski-slips allow you to load easier, but do not allow you to maneuver your sled around the shop without much confusion. The only alternative for shop storage is to use ski dollies with a track dolly. But beware because all dollies are not created equal.

Most of the dollies that I looked at would barely work for shop storage, let alone be used for driving around on the grass, and forget trying to load your precious sled on any trailer with the cheap imitations of the ski dollies.

For the best ski-dolly available today you have to check out Sure Grip Dollies at www.suregripdolly.com made and distributed by Recreational Necessities Inc. I have found them to be build with pride in the USA, and built to last. They live up to their claims that they perform in all areas of use, like steerable for storage, being able to load on steep inclines with ease, and being able to drive for short distances on almost any surface.

In the shop you can easily move you sled around with one person. Having the swivel rear track dolly makes this an easy job. I had car dollies on there and found that the sled would slide off the dollies if I pushed to aggressively on my sled. With the Sure Grip Dollies, you can secure them to the skis, and they will never allow your sled to slide off while maneuvering your sled around the shop. Just remember to not start your engine while you are using the track dolly

So the bottom line is if you want to be able to have a way of moving your sled around your shop while you are storing it, and also have a way of moving your sled around outside when there is no snow, I highly suggest taking a look at what Recreational Necessities Inc. has to offer you, before you lay out your hard earned cash on some other brand that will not live up to your expectations.

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