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2011 Ford Raptor 4 Door 6.2 Engine
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Raptor hauling a Raptor.


AIRAID Cold Air Dam Intake System
Part # 401-272

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AIRAID Cold Air Dam Intake System Specs:
Part # 401272

Made with SynthaMax.
Package includes-Intake Tube.
Easy To Install with basic hand tools.

FORD F-150 PICKUP 2011-2011 V8 6.2L
FORD F-150 PICKUP RAPTOR 2010-2011 V8 6.2L

Dyno Sheet:


SynthaMax facts:

  • The SynthaMax filter media consists of an inner and outer layer of wire mesh for durable support of filtration media as well as overall filter durability.
  • This filter construction will not deform or collapse under high air flow.
  • The inner filter media consists of two distinct layers of specifically designed synthetic materials that have separate performance characteristics designed to work together for a combined function of outstanding air flow (low restriction) and exceptionally high filtration. Contaminants are first captured by the outer layer of synthetic needlefelt polyester material designed for wet and dry filtration with high air flow capacity.
  • The inner layer of (wet-laid / chemical bonded) (rayon / polyester) captures any remaining contaminants while maintaining high air flow and low restriction.
  • Each separate layer of these high tech materials are design to work together for the highest level of air flow performance and filtration with exceptional durability.



Note: AIRAID supplies an excellent set of directions with the kit. Click the link below to view their directions.
My installation below is a brief overview of the AIRAID installation directions.

First thing I always do is to lay out my parts that I will be installing.

Unhook the negative terminal lead of the battery.

Remove the mass air sensor.

Loosen throttle body side clamp, unhook the air box clamps, and remove the lid assembly.

Remove OEM Air filter.

I did a trial fitment of part of the airbox panel.

Pre-install air box per instructions, and install over oem box, making sure to refasten the airbox clamps.

Install hump hose with clamps.

Re-install the mass air sensor with the supplied hardware.

Attach air intake tube to airfilter bracket with supplied hardware.

Tighten hump hose clamps.

Install AIRRAID filter and tighten clamps.

Install airbox weatherstrips.

Re-install the negative battery lead.

Check all your connections, and clamps for proper tightness, and you are ready to roll!


My Impressions:


Adds an extra +12 hp, & 14 more ft.lbs of torque on the Dyno.
Easy installation with minimal tools needed.
Computer designed to give your engine maximum air flow, which means more horsepower, torque and improved performance.
Dyno tested, and tuned to provide maximum performance and efficiency.
Intake Systems offer unmatched fit, finish and lifetime warranty.
Each intake provides superior air filtration, and comes with an AIRAID Premium Filter.
All AIRAID Premium Filters utilize a hand-poured urethane body that won’t crack, curl or shrink. .

Premium Filters utilize proprietary material, and multiple cotton gauze layers.
Premium Filters are 100% washable, reusable and feature a Lifetime “No-Hassle” Warranty.

None so far.

Bottom Line:


Contact info:

Web Site:

AIRAID Filters
2688 E Rose Garden Ln.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Mountain Standard Time

Phone & Fax:
Toll Free: 888.876.8984
Phone: 602.443.3333
Fax: 602.652.9801